Dreams of the sun

Being a nocturnal creature I rarely see the sun for great lengths of time. Especially in the winter. Most times I get off my shift go home and go straight to bed. That is roughly around dawn. I wake up maybe an hour before twilight daily at least half the year. Of course I still dream. Last week I had a very strange lucid dream the likes of which I have had few over the years in its vividness.

I was in a forest camping with my friends in an RV. It was twilight and moonrise. I noticed to my surprise that there were seemingly two moons on either side of the horizon. Upon bringing this up to my companions one stated it wasn’t a second moon but the sun dimmed and descending from the heavens to this very spot like a falling star. As I spied it over head it looked nothing like a ball of super heated gas, but similar to a flaming base drum with the skin or whatever it is called busted inward. I watched in awe as it landed in a clearing. As the flames died and the smoke cleared a woman who I have never seen stepped out of the “drum”. Not stunningly beautiful more pretty than anything. She had mid length brown hair, dark eyes and a demeanor of wisdom. Strangely she wore a long hemp hoodie that fell to about her lower thigh. I asked one of my compatriots who she was as she approached me, they stated she was Hae-soon the Korean sun goddess. Strange to note considering she looked Caucasian.
She walks up to me places her hand to my chest and says “why is your pillow stained with tears?” To which I respond. “I have been alone a long time.” She nods to this response and motions with her hand to the “drum” thing she landed in.
I jerk awake. Fully conscious and mystified by the strange dream. I felt like I saw something that mattered and my eyes were open despite me having no idea what I was looking at.
Naturally I look up Korean sun goddess to figure out that whole mystery. I am not familiar with Korean folklore at all and to have the correct information in a dream is strange. If there is anyone who can maybe help me understand this strange dream It would be greatly appreciated…

I have a feeling this dream is suppose to mean something to me, I’m just not sure what…

Mind over what doesn’t matter

As a people, we tend to focus on things that don’t matter. What others think about us, who’s going to win a sports event, television fantasies. These things tend to clog up our concentration. The saying “Keep your mind out of the gutter” should be keep your mind from being a gutter. Gutters get clogged, am I right? So what do we do with these clogged gutters? We can A: leave them alone and have them spill over causing potential hazards.
B: clean them…

Obviously one is easier than the other. Of course it is easier to ignore the clogged gutter and wait until it becomes a real problem, but by then you’ve made the act of cleaning it much harder than I could be with regular maintenance. This is what we call anxiety. The simple act of admitting that what we focus on that doesn’t matter is just crap clogging up our minds is the first step at cleaning our mindgutters. After that the act of allowing natural thoughts to flow through your mind to become whatever they should be. As opposed to spilling over the side and causing a pooling of unrealized potential.

Regular mental maintenance is necessary for everything we do. Even psychical things. Pain is the example I’ll use. If we accept that it is a thing that is there and we can’t do anything about it, we are clogging our mindgutters. For the love of gods, clean those mindgutters before you or someone else gets hurt. You can clean up the spillage but if you don’t fix the clog you are just wasting your time in the long run.



I have a problem with the way animals are treated by people who claim to be “humane”. The idea of taking an animal that’s genus has been breed for a specific task (ie. pack, work, ect.) and barring them from performing said task to be way more inhumane than letting them continue to do what they do best. If we do such a thing we effectively make its existence purposeless. Let’s be honest, every animal can’t be a pet or roam free in the wild. I’d love to have a equine or bovine as a pet, it’s incredibly impractical unfortunately. Flip side, let me release a bunch of animals into the wild who have relied on humans to provide for them for countless generations. Example time, dogs would either become feral and revert to an almost dingo/coyote temperament. Bovines and other herd animals would most likely starve to death or become pests. The proof is in the pudding, tigers and other animals from captivity have a very low survival rate. Is that really humane? Hey I have an idea! Take any typical 1st world person and throw them in the wild suddenly… Guarantee you most won’t survive very long. Why is that? Because we haven’t needed to survive in those conditions for a long time. I know plenty of people who’s idea of “roughing it” is in a cabin with electricity and running water… People are afraid to use public restrooms and yet are willing to throw our work animals into the wilds that we so fear ourselves in general. Domestic animals are our first real invention as humans. They deserve our respect and admiration for the work, service and comforts they have provided us. If a person loses their job what do they do? They find a new one by the means necessary. Animals don’t have websites, yellow pages or things of that ilk to help them find a new purpose. If they are treated well leave it at that. Don’t try to change the nature of the beast, it’s impractical and disrespectful.

For lack of a better

With so much potential around you’d expect more with the world. I am not talking about gadgets or doodads.
I am talking about the unrealized potential in people. We all have it in one form or another. Some have it in areas they wouldn’t dream or won’t accept. We are a lazy people in the long run, we always have been, at least since I’ve been alive. We would rather have someone else do what we want for us than to just do it ourselves. Social media, speed dialing, online shopping… These are great things but if you consider what these things do to us it might make you start wondering if it is worth it. Social media can have the effects is depersonalization or habit forming consequences. Speed dialing affects the memory, how many peoples numbers in your contacts can you remember? Online shopping gives you the convenience of being able to purchase anything from around the world without needing human contact while you sit on your ass at home. I will not lie these things are all beneficial to us as a people and I use these things as well. However, I have been taking strides to eliminate the “need” for these things incase one day they can’t be used for some reason. I urge you to do the same.

Maybe it is just me but it seems humor and creativity have suffered from this as well. I keep hearing the same recycled jokes from the internet and television over and over. Sometimes it’s funny when executed properly, most of the time I might as well watch a clip or something but I won’t do that because I have already seen it and it ceased to be funny already. Make up your own jokes. Sure not every joke is going to be funny, that’s life. But try to make a joke your own, it is very rewarding.
On a similar note creativity suffers in the same way as humor. I just recently started dressing however I felt despite the social fashion trends that matter in two weeks or so. I’m sure I look like an ass or a homeless person or something to others. But I couldn’t care less. Don’t like me for being myself? That’s cool, go worry about it somewhere else away from me.

Anywho… I am not trying to say “follow me I am right” what I am saying is live up to your own potential in everything you do and become yourself.


Happy holidays. I haven’t had much free time to write recently and have recently acquired tendonitis. Because of the day and all that I am going to talk about giving. This is my gift to you.

Giving is supposed to be a selfless thing, yet this tends to become a bit of an expectant. Therefore it becomes more of an exchange or trade. For a few years now I have been wanting to boycott this particular part of the holidays and asked that I don’t receive anything as well. Problem was that everyone ended up getting me things anyway. At first I was slightly agitated, then I pondered this. Despite statements of not reciprocating the exchange people still we’re giving me gifts. This proved to me that the true meaning of gift giving still existed. I was actually thrown for a loop. Needless to say, my spirt was restored and gave me faith in this tradition once again. Sometimes the best gifts we receive are completely metaphysical in nature. Think about it and again, happy holidays!

What’s in a name?

Have you ever had a nickname? Did you receive it from someone or give it to yourself? One thing I notice is that people who have nicknames given to them tend to stick better than the self imposed variety. Why is this? As usual I am going to explain why from multiple possibilities.

Names have power. To give something a name is to give it a new personality, even if said thing has no cognitive function such as a car, boat or any other personal effect. Example: Dashie is my car and despite the couple of accidents that she has been in, she still keeps going and I love her for it.
Obviously I know my car is not sentient, yet I still insist on giving it a name, gender and personality. Why?
Naming something makes it different than the rest, thus confirming that it is yours even if it is a base model or whatever. It makes it yours and actually shows you care about it. Now… If someone gives you a nickname, it usually is a form of endearment. Pet names are a perfect example of this. Champ, sport, princess, angel face… Take your pick. It is a type of personality projection by said name giver. It is an expectation of how one views who you are to them. I have a friend named Weezle. He acquired this moniker by avoiding trouble on a regular basis despite being a key player in the trouble being wrought. He would always weasel out of it. This name is well earned considering I’ve seen it in action on several occasions. Whether by dumb luck, cunning or persona association. It has benefitted him.
I speculate that if he never received this name his life would be different. As I said names have power. Having a nickname effectively could bring out a different portion of your personality. This is persona association. I will use the 90s cartoon Doug as an example. Notice that for different parts of his life he has different personas. When trying to be clever and cunning he done the mask of “Wa na na! Jack bandit” and for his inner hero to takes the guise of “quailman.”
I will go back to Weezle. If he never accepted his nickname, the characteristics that come with said persona would most likely lay dormant. Whether a matter of perception in the respect of said personality traits not being forefront of his or others minds, or if he would have made the same choices without considering his moniker. In the long run this is but a contemplation of possibilty that I most likely not be able to prove or disprove.

How about the negative impacts? A nickname that sticks despite not being accepted by the host. I had a coworker named “Bernie”. This was not short for Bernard, it was for Burnout. Aptly named too. But if he was called by his actual name, would the burnout persona have existed at all? Names have power. Which would you rather give, The one that can be harmful or helpful? Think about what you call others because it could not only have detrimental effects on the host, but your own perception of the subject in question. Possibly even yourself.

The Magic of Visualization

Visualization is a very important part of life. Whether you are taking your sword(stick) to go into imaginary combat, or using autohypnosis to help get to sleep, we all do it and most don’t even realize what they are doing. If you’ve ever listened to self help tapes(ugh I’m dating myself) one of the most common things said would be “imagine a white light enveloping your being, releasing all the days tension.” Hold the phone… Imagine? I love that word, limitless possibilities all in the convenient packaging of your head. Visualization is giving mental images to help relieve stress or any other number of nasty emotion, even helping positive emotion.
A thing I hear quite often is “a white light!? That’s bullshit!” The funny thing about the imagination is that you can visualize whatever you want. So if you think the white light is lame and slaying orcs and dragons is more your speed, do whatever brings you peace. It is your own mind after all, as such it is to limit yourself to visualizing the way another says to. Make visualization a personal thing. It doesn’t even have to be the same deal everyday. I have dozens of visualizations for different scenarios. The more personal it is to you, the more power you can gain from it.

Now onto the fun stuff. Visualization in everyday life. Aka “living the dream”
Have you ever visualized making the perfect shot, putting a project together perfectly, whatever what have you?
In essence you are training yourself for that moment when you take a visualization and turn it into reality. Other ideas that work similar but on the opposite side to this are “self fulfilling prophecy and expecting the worst.”
These you are most likely more familiar with. Preparing for possible failure is natural and healthy, but when it becomes the focal point of visualization, it can increase the possible margin of error for said activity exponentially. So keep a positive head for your visualization, you’ll see a difference in your life.

Let’s look at the more “mystical” aspect of visualization. Most great ideas come from visualization to some degree. Divine inspiration is one example. An idea can only have as much power as you give it. Every moment you spend on a thought is effectively making it “grow”. Belief and faith become very important part of visualization to many. In meditation or reiki the idea that unseen energy is literally healing you can actually be potent. Not to all though, why is that?
My guess is it comes down to faith. Let me try to explain it like this. Psychosomatic or placebo effect. Psychosomatic can be described by having the effects of something that isn’t actually wrong or happening. Like a bad knee with no actual injury. Placebo is getting the benefits of something despite it not having any actual documented truth. Sugar pills providing the benefits of painkillers. Snake oil… In essence it’s mind over matter. You believe this “thing” will help you and therefore it does. So what does it matter if it’s gods handiwork, cosmic radiation or all in your head. If it works is all a matter of faith.
Visualize yourself being happy daily and you can convince yourself that you are. Mind over matter.


I have been in a bit of a foul mood for the better part of this week. That is why I haven’t been posting as much. I wanted to avoid polluting my inspiration for others, with my own indignation.
Instead! I’m going to judo reversal those nasty thoughts and use them for today’s topic.
Negativity… Our thoughts and perceptions are tinted by it. It can put us in a bad mood or make us apathetic, calloused or worldweary. It can come from just about anything no matter how bizarre or silly. Some people base their entire lives off it, Sad but true. So why do so many fall for its trappings? Why would anyone willingly torment themselves?
It has been said that all human suffering comes from the mind. So it could literally be just in your head. Sure negative things happen every once in a while, that’s life… It’s how we allow said negative thing to effect us that counts.
Example time! So you are driving to the store minding your own business, when suddenly a guy in a minivan cuts you off. That was rude!? I usually leave it at that. Some… it isn’t good enough and they must seek sweet vengeance for the couple of seconds they killed.

So I will start with hooting and hollering… I hate to break it to you, but I’m pretty sure the dude that cut you off isn’t going to pay attention to you. Waste of time and energy

Aggressive diving. Nothing says “hey fuck you for cutting me off” like losing/damaging your own vehicle as well as his. But until the cops confirm that they had been tailing that guy for a series of “cut offs” for weeks and commend you for a citizens arrest, it’s probably not a good idea and again. Waste of time.

Letting it get to you. Now I’m sure that guy has been planing this caper for years and waited there for you twiddling his mustache and laughing menacingly. You were one part of a series of unconnected events to unlock the hidden gold in Lincoln’s nose at Mount Rushmore… Sounds insane right? That’s because it is. Letting a thing get to you is a terrible waste of energy. By fixating on the negative, we take the light out of the positive. How many good events were ruined by ol’ negative Nancy? Every body has at least one.

Anywho… Negativity is all in the head. You don’t like it there? Move the negativity somewhere else, like on top of the fridge in your mind. Your childish emotions won’t be able to get it there.

Stereotypes limiters of potential

Fun fact! I once asked a bunch of different people two questions. The first question is: what is the first question people ask when you tell them you got a new cat? Most common answer: what is it’s name?
The second question is: what is the first question people ask when you tell them you got a new dog? Unanimous answer: what kind?
These questions seem silly until I brought this point to their attention. Why didn’t people ask what the dogs name is or what kind of cat it was?
Humans have this tendency to have nice clean defined answers to any question asked. That way everything seems more organized. This isn’t a bad thing per say, but there is a down side to it, Stereotypes. How often have you when describing a friend to another friend said “my (enter racial descriptor) friend.”
When I say racial descriptor I mean black, white, Asian, blah blah blah this list goes on. Why is this a key point in describing someone? It’s easier to ascertain said subjects visual description. Not a bad thing, but have you thought of the negative side of it? Racism is an ugly outdated concept. For an easier grasping of my point I am going to break racism into two separate categories.
Aggressive stereotyping: the usual kind.
Passive stereotyping: the kind I’m going to focus on.
Passive stereotyping is usually not meant with ill intent. In fact it can also be used by the subject in question. Saying something like “kiss my black ass” or “kiss me I’m Irish” or whatever, these statements have effectively in your or another persons mind segregated yourself. Why does this matter? How often I hear things like “yeah, I’m an Italian who doesn’t like pizza” or “I’m Asian and bad at math” why did you need to put the racial descriptor there in the first place? You could have just said you were bad at math. Who gives a fuck if you are Asian? That has so bearing on your mind, how you process information or skills you “should” have. If everything was the same the world would be boring. You end up limiting yourself and can kill your self esteem. Gender and sexuality are other stereotypes that need to be discarded. Women are just as capable as men in any field of work. Why do we throw “career woman” as a descriptor? It’s pointless!
I’m going to give you a lesson in evolution. A fish grew legs and walked on land… Well fuck! Fish belong in the water, right? Well this little bastard disagrees.
Don’t believe in evolution? According to the bible we all came from the same to people. Borders and national identification don’t mean anything.
It was believed back in the day that Africans were intellectually inferior to Caucasians. FALSE! We have African descent doctors, scientists… They seem to be pretty fucking smart.
Women fell into this same boat.
Cast off these stereotypes that limit you and others and realize that you can be whoever you want to be. This is enlightenment and freedom. Start thinking more like we are all cats and not dogs. If you are wondering what the other answer was to the cat question at the beginning of this rant it was “do you have any pictures?” Have a good day.